Canada Heights Cross Country  

Sunday 28th October 2012

2012 has been very tight for dates, so we've had to look to the end of the season to fit this race in. We would like to have used another venue but none was available (eg MOD Mereworth), thus we are going to have be very careful with the fields at Canada Heights at this time of year. We will still use the surrounding car park fields, woodland, trials sections and our motocross track.

SEEC XC/H&H Champs Rd 4


Unfortunately we have had to cancel due to the atrocious weather we have had, the track is still waterlogged from the aborted last mx, half is graded into mush while the other half is littered with deep ruts. The car park fields are also waterlogged and we can't cut them up as the grass won't grow in time for the Early Birds MX in March (when we need to park thousands of cars on them!). We're really sorry we've had to do this and we hope for 2013 we can schedule the Sam event during a more sensible time of the year.