Saturday 12th November 2011

Closed to Club Social, MX Practice, Enduro Practice and Trial

Club members clear up the stakes out on the track in readiness for the bulldozers to work over the winter.

When done, those who help have the rest of daylight hours to ride the MX track for practice, the enduro woodland loop or ride a club trial.

After dark, we have a barbecue and fireworks display.

Spectator admission is free


John Powell - Here and Video


A quick note to everyone who came and helped at the clearing up day. We all accomplished loads of work that gives us a head start for our 2012 season. All the stakes are back in our containers, the chestnut fencing that needs replacing has been taken down and the trees around the site are back under some sort of control. We will be back doing more work on the site and track during every weekend in February And March in the run up to the Early Birds (Sunday 1st April) and will welcome any assistance during these working parties - more details to follow in both the compass and on our website.

Thanks everyone - Jamie Clarke - Clerk of the Course


Everyone who wants to ride will need to be on site to start the work at 10:30am (the gate will be closed at this time). Hopefully we'll be done by 12:30pm, leaving about 4 hours of daylight for riding. Only thoses who have worked will be able to ride. The BBQ and fireworks will start around 5pm (ie when its dark). We'll also need some marshal for the MX track