MEMBERSHIP 2017  



NEW MEMBERSHIP FORM for HALF YEAR, July to December 2017- click HERE

Note: you can join the Sidcup Club by using the ACU On-Line system for entering events.  Click on HERE and use your log-in name and password.

If you have not registered with the system, click on the 'New Member' box to register - you will need to think up a password!

RENEW your Sidcup Club membership for 2017 ON-Line, and RENEW your ACU Licence or Trials Registration at the same time.

Go to the ACU members login (the same login you use to enter events) by clicking HERE.

To renew licence and Club membership, click on "View/Renew my Licences" on the left side.

To renew Sidcup Club membership only, click on "Renew Club Membership".Follow the prompts - have your credit or debit card handy.

HINT:  When renewing your licence, tick sports that you might take part in during 2017 as well as your main sport.

For example: Some SE Centre grass tracks have classes for MX riders and bikes.  To save having to take out a Grass Track Licence, tick 'Grass Track' (possibly shown as 'Track Racing'). There will be no additional fee for other off-road sports.

Club membership can include subscription to The Sporting Motorcyclist (TSM) magazine sent to you each month. TSM includes Regulations and entry forms for events in the South Eastern, Southern and South Midland Centres of the ACU, and you can use your Sidcup membership to enter almost all events - with the right bike, of course!. The 'old fashioned' way of renewing Sidcup Club membership by post is still available.  A form will be included with your December issue of The Compass.

Half year membership (at half the full year price) is available from the 1st July to 31st December.

If you have any queries, please contact a club official.  If you want to compete in ACU events, you will need an ACU licence. Tick the box on the Club Membership form and when we receive the form, we will email or post you a unique number. Download (or fill in HERE online) an ACU Licence form or Trials Registration form using the link below and fill it in - including the unique number. The form can be sent direct to the ACU without the need for the club to countersign it. 

The 2017 forms can be downloaded from this page on the ACU website.

The guide to filling in the forms is HERE
You will need Adobe Acrobat Viewer to view these filesAcrobat Reader