Enduro 21st April 2024
Video by John Powell
Sidcup members Practice Trial
11th February 2024
Sidcup 60 2024 Pictures
Sidcup 60 2024 Video
Jack Thompson Trial 2023
Jack Thomson Trial 2023 Video
Wobblers Practice Trial 2023October 1st Motocross 2023July Evening Trial 2023
Motocross Practise Day July 9th 2023 VideoMotocross Practise Day July 9th 2023Bike Night July 2023 Pictures
Bike Night 2023 Video
Open Enduro, 4th June 2023 HERE and HEREOpen Motocross, 7th May 2023Sidcup 60 Trial Video by Nigel McGoldrick
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Bike Night 2022 – Pictures
Bike Night 2022 – Video
Motocross 19th June 2022Motocross April 2022
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Jack Thompson Classic Bike Dec Trial 2021
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Motocross 11th July 2021Evening Trial Wednesday 16th June 2021Sunday 9th May Open Motocross
Sunday 2nd May Open Hare and HoundsMotocross Practise April 2021Practise Trial 5th April 2021
The 31st 2020 Jack Thompson Classic Bike Trial
Ran April 4th 2021 (Easter Sunday)
Dick Dickenson Trial Nov 2020
More Pictures by David Plumb Here
Hare & Hounds Practise 20/09/2020
Trials Practise 6th September 2020Hare & Hound Practise 30th August 2020MX Practice August 2020
Trials Practice August 2020Sidcup Sixty Trial January 2020Jack Thompson Classic Bikes Trial 2019
Wobblers Trial Sunday November 2019Dick Dickenson Trial 2019 VideoDick Dickenson Trial November 2019
Evening Trials Practise July 2019Motocross (with Evos) July 2019Bike Night 2019
Evening Trials Practice June 2019Hare & Hounds 2019MAXXIS Solo British Motocross Championship 2019
Wobblers Trial April 2019April Open Motocross 2019Closed to Club MX Race Day March 2019
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Wobblers Trial November 2018Dick Dickenson Trial 2018Maxxis British Sidecar and Quad Championship 2018
Hare & Hounds 2018Evening Trials Practise July 2018Bike Night 2018
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Wobblers Trial November 2017Dick Dickenson Trial for the Simmons Cup November 2017Maxxis British Sidecar and Quad Championship 2017
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Evening Trial 1 June 2017Hare & Hounds 2017SEMX Motocross May 2017
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Members Motocross Race Day September 2016Motocross July 2016Bike Night 2016
Motocross June 2016Motocross May 2016Maxxis British Motocross Championship 2016
Members Motocross March 2016Sidcup Sixty Trial January 2016Jack Thompson Trial December 2015
Simmons Trial November 2015British Sidecarcross Championship 2015Bike Night 2015
Evening Trial July 2015Motocross June 2015Maxxis British Championship Motocross 2015
Beginners & Wobblers Trial April 2015SEMX Motocross April 2015Sidcup MembersMotocross March 2015
Sidcup Sixty Trial January 2015Jack Thompson Trial December 2014Beginners & Wobblers Trial November 2014
Clear up day 2014Presentation night 2014Simmons Trial November 2014
Maxxis British Sidecar/Quads Champs 2014Club weekend Motocross 2014Club weekend Enduro 2014
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Maxxis Sidecar Motocross October 2013Club Weekend Enduro August 2013Motocross July 2013
Club Weekend Motocross August 2013
Motocross May 2013Motocross April 2013Beginners & Wobblers Trial April 2013
Dorren Coutts Pre Maxxis track test
Pics by Nicola Clarke, Dave & Pete Edwards
Presentation Night 2012/13Jack Thompson Trial December 2012
Clear Up Day 2012Simmons Trial Nov 2012Motocross October 2012
Motocross September 2012Club Weekend August 2012Jubilee Club Motocross 2012
Motocross Practice August 2012
Beginners & Wobblers Trial April 2012Maxxis Early Birds 2012  
Presentation Night February 2012Sidcup Sixty Trial January 2012Jack Thompson Trial December 2011
Wobblers Trial November 2011
Pictures courtesy of Don Baker
Clear Up Day November 2011Simmons Cup Trial November 2011
Maxxis Sidecars & Quads Motocross October.2011Club Motocross Practise August 2011Closed to Club Hare & Hounds 2011
Hare & Hounds August 2011
Motocross July 2011Evening Trial February 2011Motocross July 2011
Evening Trial 1 2011British Cross Country Championship 2011Motocross May 2011
Club Hare and Hounds May 2011Motocross April 2011Motocross April 2011 by Shaun Fowler
Practice Day April 2011Maxxis Motocross 2011Sidcup Sixty Trial January 2011
Jack Thompson Trial December 2010Wobblers Trial November 2010Clear Up Day November 2010
Simmons Cup Trial November 2010October Wobblers Trial October 2010
Pictures by Lucy and John Powell
Motocross October 2010
Club weekend August 2010
Pictures by Lucy Powell
British Cross Country Championship 2010
Pictures by Rebecca Edwards
Evening Trial July 2010
Motocross July 2010Motocross June 2010
Pictures by Lucy Powell
Evening Trial June 2010
MX, Enduro, Trials Practice June 2010
Pictures by Lawrence Pierce
June 20th PracticePractice day April 2010
Maxxis Sidecar & Solos Motocross March 2010Jack Thompson Trial December 2009Ron’s Run 2009
Simmons cup trial November 2009Wobblers Trial October 2009Motocross October 2009
Motocross June 2009Motocross May 2009JP’s Motocross April 2009
Motocross Practice March 2009Maxxis British Championship March 2009Sidcup Sixty Trial January 2009
Jack Thompson Trial December 2008Motocross October 2008Motocross July 2008
Motocross June 2008Motocross May 2008Motocross April 2008